ACDHA-Chain Deficit Hypothesis (linguistics)
ACDHAmerican Cream Draft Horse (horse breed)
ACDHAttitude Control and Data Handling (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems)
ACDHAllen County Department of Health (Indiana)
ACDH3-Hydroxy-Acyl-CoA (Coenzyme A)-Dehydrogenase (enzyme)
ACDH"Acquired" Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
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Recognizing this increased need for TB services and education, ACDH is restructuring its TB program and increasing financial and personnel resources.
To be eligible for the study, a participant must a) have been a resident of Albany county; b) have been eligible for the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC; < 185% of poverty level); c) have been pregnant < 24 weeks; d) have planned to use either the ACDH or AMC clinics for prenatal care for at least two of the three trimesters of pregnancy (depending upon the timing of entry into the study); e) have permitted a cord blood sample to be taken; and, f) have planned to deliver at AMC and have the child followed at the ACDH or AMC pediatric clinic.
where: ACDH = the accumulated degree hours for the period of the day being studied.