ACDIAgence Canadienne de Développement International (Canadian International Development Agency)
ACDIAsynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACDIAgricultural Cooperative Development International
ACDIAsynchronous Communications Device Interface (IBM)
ACDIAssociated Construction Distributors International (Des Moines, IA)
ACDIAssociation Chrétienne pour le Développement Intégral (French: Christian Association for Integral Development; Canada)
ACDIAgentiei Canadiene de Dezvoltare Internationala (Romanian)
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ACDI is a source for strategic planning in District 54.
ACDI member responsibilities include attending monthly meetings on an as-needed basis (held on the third or fourth Monday of the month during the school year), sharing information with one's constituency, assisting/mentoring others in fully developing instructional initiatives, and committing to three years of ACDI membership.
ACDI sells and supports software and hardware products for print management.
Taylor told Arkansas Business that ACDI is moving to Benton because most of its employees, managers and owners live there and want to be engaged in the community.
Les Canadian Ethnic Studies/Etudes ethniques au Canada expriment leur reconnaissance a l'Agence canadienne de developpement international (ACDI) et au Fonds de la fondation de la faculte des Arts de l'Universite du Manitoba pour avoir aide au financement de ce numero special.
Charito Puentespina of Puentespina Farms, makers of the international award winning Malagos Single-Origin Chocolates, also came to Boston to support the Philippine booth hosted by ACDI VOCA's PhilCafe's project , while featuring their chocolates.
Acdi has members in Leyte and Samar who were affected by Supertyphoon "Yolanda" (international name: Haiyan) It can contribute to the region's recovery effort for its members and their neighbors likewise devastated by that big disaster.
For the dairy farm in Bohol, the DA is partnering with ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative (MPC), the largest cooperative in the country with an asset base of more than P18 billion, according to Pinol.
Under the memorandum of agreement (MOA), which is still being drafted by the DA and would be in effect for 50 years, ACDI MPC will shoulder the costs of importing at least 2,000 heads of cattle and putting up the necessary dairy facilities, which include barns and milking parlor in Ubay, Bohol.
The Bohol Dairy Project is a 3-year program to be launched at ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative using AFI Milk in Vietnam where it utilizes Israel's technology of milk production in Ubay city.
According to the FTC, Anthony Swatsworth, ACDI Group LLC, and Solutions to Portfolios LLC (ACDI) bought phony payday loan debts loans supposedly made by 500FastCash from SQ Capital through a debt broker, and continued to collect on those debts even after learning the debts were fake and receiving a full refund for their purchase.
Almost immediately after ACDI started collecting on the loans, consumers complained and provided evidence that they had never taken out a 500FastCash loan.