ACDMAsymmetric Cable Modem
ACDMAssociation for Clinical Data Management
ACDMAssociation Canadienne de la Dystrophie Musculaire (French: Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada)
ACDMAsheron's Call Dark Majesty (game expansion)
ACDMAssociation for Configuration and Data Management
ACDMAssociation Canadienne des Massothérapeutes et Autres Thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives (French)
ACDMAuburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
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In its traditional form for observers the Friedmann equation for the ACDM model universe is
In line with Walczyk and colleagues' (2003) ACDM, the activation of competing memory representations in LTM should tax the central executive during the making of a deception response.
XAFS Cumulants Based on ACDM. In order to include anharmonic effects in the present ACDM, the Hamiltonian of system is written in the summation of the harmonic and cubic anharmonic components, [H.sub.0] and [H.sub.a], respectively:
Simulations use ACDM for good reason, as it has done an exceptionally good job at explaining what telescopes have revealed of the universe's history and structure.
Manama: An International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) seminar on Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) was hosted by Bahrain Airport Company (BAC).
Having interrupted, on the advice of the cabinet ACdM, the process that could lead to a crisis situation, Pharmuka did not need to defend its position about the Upstene on the legal plan.
It is a sub-product of the Apron Control Departure Manager (ACDM), managed by the airport, and has been created to adapt traffic timings during winter disruption.
"They're already been advised by the ACDM to ban NRG-1 (naphyrone) and look how s**t that stuff is.