ACDONAustralian Council of Deans of Nursing
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This claim of arguably erasing the border between Syria and Iraq was among his most popular acdons among its supporters.
12) See Cease, supra note 4, at 405-13 (discussing state common law and statutory claims in data breach cases); Peters, supra note 6, at 1177-87, 1194 (observing that only fourteen states provide a private cause of action for data breaches, that there is no comprehensive federal statute giving a private right of action for data breaches, and, therefore, data breach plaintiffs in most states must bring either common law acdons or more indirect state or federal statutory claims); infra Part III.
45, 50 (2013) ("[U]nless the defendants choose not to raise the choice-of-law issue--which would result in the application of forum law--the law of the foreign country where the acdons took place will surely apply.