ACDPAfrican Christian Democratic Party (South Africa)
ACDPAdvisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
ACDPAccelerated Compensation for Developmental Positions (US DoD)
ACDPAustralian Committee of Directors and Principals
ACDPAcquisition Career Development Plan (USACE)
ACDPAkassa Community Development Project (Nigeria)
ACDPAdvisory Committee for Disabled People
ACDPAlternating Current Discharge Plasma
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The ACDP and the degree plans are usually introduced to Soldiers at the end of their Advanced Individual Training, Primary Leadership Development Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course or Warrant Officer Basic Course.
The other parties should split 6%, with the UDM and ACDP getting the lion's share.
According to the ACDP, nearly 70% of Palestinians fled their homes voluntarily at the behest of Arab leaders, a fairy-story taught in Israel's schools to obscure what really happened - 531 Palestinian villages and 11 urban centres de-populated by the Hagana with guns, TNT, tanks and even flame-throwers.
Tenders are invited for Construction of balance work of GBHS Amberpet near weaker section houses at bathukamkunta, Amberpet (M) Hyderabad (Under ACDP Funds).
In July this year, Mr Thring replaced the Reverend Meshoe as an ACDP member of the NA.
coli O157:H7 is a highly infectious, ACDP Hazard Group 3 foodborne and waterborne pathogen that has created a serious public health challenge for the food processing industry.
Supply, installation, commissioning and validation of x1 double ended high security ACDP CL4 steam autoclave.
The research will allow me to acquire new skills on advanced microscopy techniques, handling ACDP category microorganisms, utilising fermenter biotechnology and finally familiarizing myself on biofilms associated to plumbing materials.
The ACDP is planning to invest in wind and solar energy rather than nuclear plants.
As part of a future work plan ACDP supports consideration of the need for further Specialization in Dentistry)".