ACDRAnterior Cervical Disc Replacement (medical procedure)
ACDRAudio Compact Disc Reader
ACDRAdverse Cutaneous Drug Reaction
ACDRAIDS Committee of Durham Region (Ontario, Canada)
ACDRAutomatic Call Detail Record (Sprint)
ACDRActual Cost Detail Report
ACDRAlabama Center for Dispute Resolution (Montgomery, AL)
ACDRAdvanced Conceptual Design Report
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SUNA noted that ACDR is affiliated to New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD) and that symposium came within context of activities of National Secretariat for NEPAD.
(33, 34) Clinical--therapeutic addressing of ACDR One of the most important aspects in case management is prevention.
VCDR = [Cup.sub.VD]/[OD.sub.VD], HCDR = [Cup.sub.HD]/[OD.sub.HD], ACDR = [Cup.sub.Area]/[OD.sub.Area], (19)
L'ACDR a organise, dimanche, une kermesse qui a connu une forte affluence et a permis aux visiteurs de s'enquerir de l'etat d'avancement de ce lieu de vie et de rencontres bati, sur un terrain de 1.137 m2, cede par le biais d'un bail emphyteotique de 50 ans par le conseil municipal de Strasbourg qui assure egalement la subvention des couts de construction a hauteur de 10 pour cent.
(1) Here we explain how to reduce ACDR risk and identify 6 serious rashes.
procedure ACO algorithm for TSP Set parameters, initialize pheromone trails while (termination condition not met) do Construct Solutions Apply Local Search Local_Pheromone_Update End Global_Pheromone_Update end ACO algorithm for TSPs THE ANT COLONY DECISION RULE ALGORITHM (ACDR) AND ITS' MINER
A diagnosis of ACDR was reached after exclusion of other etiologies and similar disorders like reactions due to food, infections and environmental factors.
Exanthematous reactions are the most common ACDR. (1) Erythematous macules and papules may initially present on the trunk and spread peripherally within 1 to 2 weeks of a patient's starting psychotropic therapy (Photo 1, page 46).
Prospective study was carried out by observing patients attending Dermatology out Patient Department (OPD) over a period of 21 months to find the incidence of ACDRs. Diagnosis of ACDRs was done by the dermatologists.
Fixed drug eruption and acneform eruption are the most commonly encountered ACDRs at our tertiary care centre.