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(33, 34) Clinical--therapeutic addressing of ACDR One of the most important aspects in case management is prevention.
Also, within antidepressant medication, an important place in ACDR determinism is occupied by selective inhibitors for serotonin reuptake (SSRIs).
This study highlights various patterns of ACDRs owing to AEDs along with the commonest responsible drug with various clinical presentations.
With time, many newer drugs are being marketed, which can be a potential source for the occurrence of ACDRs. However, the actual incidence is difficult to determine because many milder forms of reactions are not recorded.
Six serious ACDRs associated with psychotropics are listed in Table 2.
As described in part 1 of this article, general strategies for identifying and treating potential ACDRs include identifying the lesion by taking a history and performing a physical examination (Box, page 106).
All patients were educated regarding ACDRs and given a list of drugs causing reactions for avoiding any mishap in the future.
The most common morphological types of the ACDRs were maculopapular rash (25%), fixed drug eruptions (23%) and urticarial wheals (22%).
If an ACDR clearly is benign, follow the guidelines outlined below; otherwise, consult with a dermatologist, infectious diseases clinician, or other appropriate specialist.
Exanthematous reactions are the most common ACDR. (1) Erythematous macules and papules may initially present on the trunk and spread peripherally within 1 to 2 weeks of a patient's starting psychotropic therapy (Photo 1, page 46).
On the basis of collected data, incidence rate was calculated and the ACDRs were classified on the basis of age, sex and most common drug causing them.
Patients diagnosed as ACDRs were noted and incidence rate was calculated.