ACDSSAdams County Department of Social Services (Colorado)
ACDSSAlbemarle County Department of Social Services (Albemarle, VA)
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The software of our prototype ACDSS within SCLIS [3], [4] was upgraded, accordingly (Fig.
ACDSS would generate a pop-up window with a suggestion to increase the dose of adrenalin if hypotension persisted.
We developed an upgradable ACDSS for a novel semi-closed loop (SCL) infusion system on the background concepts of GDFT and mVLT, and the basis of our clinical algorithm which implies interchangeable application of fluid loading, vasopressor injection and red cell transfusion.
This ACDSS system is designed to give the pop-up advises for algorithmic decision-making and interventions (Fig.
For the novel ACDSS and SCL infusion system to be properly tested, the target parameters exceeding pre-established critical values must be obtained, what is virtually impossible in vitro.
All hardware is connected to ACDSS using physical lines that might fail in numerous ways:
Use of physical lines to connect ACDSS to patient in silico allows us to simulate unreliable connections and creates an opportunity to use the system in an exam where examiner can introduce certain events (for example sudden loss of blood) without the knowledge of examinee.
The ACDSS is connected to monitoring hardware via serial interfaces.