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ACDTApple Certified Desktop Technician
ACDTAustralian Central Daylight Time (UTC + 10:30 hour)
ACDTAcademic Computing Development Team (Oxford University Computing Services; Oxford, England, UK)
ACDTAmerican College of Digital Technology (Serbia)
ACDTAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration
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The broadcast will include interviews with astronomers, eclipse watchers and locals during the run up to, and following, the total eclipse which will happen at 1940 ACDT.
15 pm AEDT in eastern Australia and at 7:45 pm ACDT in central Australia during which the Moon will be completely red between 9:25 pm and 10:25 pm.
This forward split was approved, in part, to ensure that all currently trading ACDT shares are authorized and appropriately backed by the required certificates.