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ACEAAssociation des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles
ACEAAssociation of Consulting Engineers Australia
ACEAAdvisory Committee on Environmental Aspects
ACEAAssociation Canadienne des Etudes Africaines (French: Canadian Association of African Studies; Canada)
ACEAArizona Consulting Engineers Association
ACEAAlachua County Education Association
ACEAAzienda Comunale Energia Ambiente (Rome, Italy)
ACEAAssociation of County Engineers of Alabama
ACEAAssociate of Cost & Executive Accountant
ACEAAdvanced Computation for Engineering Applications
ACEAAfrican Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
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Exercise of the AceA Options would provide an additional A$4 million of funding to Gossan Hill.
The ACEA members support the activities and objectives of the Formula One Teams' Association to establish stable governance, clear and transparent rules which are common to all competitors to achieve cost reductions including a proper attribution of revenues to the F1 teams, in order to deliver a sustainable attractive sport for the worldwide public.
Brussels-based ACEA said the March outcome was boosted by an average of three more working days across the region and the effect of fleet renewal schemes in a number of countries.
Viable businesses are at stake and the EU risks doing too little toolate," ACEA secretary general Ivan Hodac said.
The move comes after Congress in the United States approved a EUR25 billion deal for green car investment which encouraged Acea to pitch a similar scheme to the EU.
ACEA president, Christian Streiff, who is also chief executive of Peugeot Citroen, said: "Car makers face increasingly hesitant consumers and call on governments to respond, stimulate the economy and restore consumer confidence.
A total of 1,334,081 cars were registered in Europe last month, ACEA said, noting there was one fewer shopping days than a year earlier.
ACEA secretary Ivan Hodac, says: "CO2 related taxation of cars and of alternative fuels are an important tool in shaping consumer demand towards fuel-efficient cars.
Cars have become heavier and larger within their own different model segments, due to regulations on safety and air quality, and due to consumer preferences," says an ACEA report.
ACEA are actively lobbying the EU to give heavier cars, such as SUVs, weaker CO2 standards.
The ACEA said that the difference was mostly accounted for by a decline of minus 10.
According to WRI, the ACEA agreement establishes industry-wide targets for average emissions from vehicles to reach 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2008, with the possibility of extending the agreement to 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2012.