ACEDSAssociation of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (Miami, FL)
ACEDSAngiotensin-Converting Enzyme Dysfunction Syndrome
ACEDSAutomated Client Eligibility Determination System (Washington, DC)
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Stop by BIA booth #25 at the ACEDS Conference to see all the great features TotalDiscovery.
ACEDS extends the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) credential to candidates who pass a rigorous proctored examination administered at 560 secure ACEDS-Kryterion Testing Centers worldwide.
The ACEDS conference will feature 46 eDiscovery experts speaking on 22 panels with topics on predictive coding, social media, lawyer malpractice, cost-shifting and 17 other hot button issues.
BIA is proud to exhibit and be involved with ACEDS (the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists.
Visit the BIA booth #25 at the 2012 ACEDS Conference, and be sure to look out for the sponsored notepads throughout the conference.
Candidates can download the CEDS Examination Candidate Handbook with eligibility and application information, and to get other guidance about the certification process, at ACEDS.
Hamilton, Chairman of the ACEDS Advisory Board, Adjunct Professor of e-discovery at the University of Florida's College of Law, and a partner in the Tampa office of the national law firm, Quarles & Brady, said, "An independent, professional certification has been a rallying cry across the e-discovery field for several years.
The ACEDS certification is a huge benefit to practitioners who want to provide their clients with objective assurance of their qualifications.
Not being associated with any vendor or particular technology, the ACEDS certification is poised to become the gold standard in the industry," Moure added.