ACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
ACEEEAssociation of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers
ACEEEAltai Centre for Environmental Engineering Education (UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education)
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Contact: Bill Prindle, ACEEE, phone 202-429-8873 ext 710.
According to ACEEE, these "best-guess" estimates, which are available online at hybtaxcred.htm#table, are based on a combination of preliminary 2006 model year data, 2005 model year data and manufacturer announcements.
Answer: ACEEE recommends that owners start with the resources available on the ENERGY STAR Web site ( to help select products and obtain information on technical and financial aspects.
According to ACEEE, Honda's natural gas (NG)-powered Civic GX retained the distinction of the "greenest" vehicle of the year, followed closely behind by the hybrid electric Honda Insight, with Toyota's hybrid Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Corolla rounding out the top five.
The ACEEE has been rating "green" vehicles for five years.
For a comparative guide to energy-efficient appliances, see the ACEEE's Web site at, or get the hard copy Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings by writing to 1001 Connecticut Ave.
ACEEE's "Innovation Path" strategy calls for a "transition away from fossil fuels toward a cleaner, more economical and more secure future" based on energy-efficiency, solar power, fuel cells, heat pumps, advanced wind turbines, bioenergy conversion and improved industrial processes.
ACEEE and Public Citizen argue that such costs would be reduced if the administration increased fuel taxes, created stronger incentives for conserving fuel, enacted tougher CAFE standards, and spurred the development of cleaner fuels.
Florida and Texas, which also rose in the rankings, can expect to achieve even better results next year as both states rebuild from the recent hurricanes, ACEEE notes.
"Building Energy Efficiency Policies In China: Status Report." ACEEE Research Report.
"The good news is that cities across the country are saving money, creating local jobs, and protecting the environment by implementing energy efficiency measures," said Steven Nadel, ACEEE's executive director.
ACEEE Green Score: from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; the higher the score, the more eco-friendly the car; highest 2010 score is 57; learn more at