ACEFAngel Capital Education Foundation
ACEFArkansas Construction Education Foundation (est. 1994)
ACEFAccess Control Enforcement Function
ACEFAlcatel Carrier Environment Internet System
ACEFAmerican Consumer Education Foundation
ACEFAlliance for the Conservation of Exotic Felines (Greenbank, WA)
ACEFAmerican Canine Education Foundation, Inc (Springfield, VA)
ACEFAuxiliary Cable Entrance Facility
ACEFAdvanced Concept Evaluation Facility
ACEFAda Compiler Evaluation Facility
ACEFAgricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (Philippines)
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After OPIC provided critical early-stage support through the ACEF program, Gigawatt smoothly and swiftly brought the project online to give Rwanda enough grid-connected power to supply 15,000 homes.
Snyder Environmental hired the grant writer who successfully applied for the $200,000 grant on behalf of ACEF and the other partners and has committed to paying stipends to Our House clients who participate in the training program.
8178, the ACEF is allocated by Congress, from the proceeds of the importation of minimum access volume to be utilized for the development of farm or agricultural infrastructure and machinery, the creation of agricultural social infrastructure and the implementation of other projects and support for enhancement of global trade competitiveness, and improve the lives of the small farmers and other stakeholders in Philippine agriculture, the authors noted.
I am tremendously honored to receive the Hans Severiens Award and I would like to thank ACEF and ACA for this recognition," said Hanbury-Brown.
ACEF holds conferences and meetings for angel group leaders, educational workshops and seminars for individual angel investors, builds data on angel investing, and supports research to advance the field.
Briones (Party List, AGAP), author of House Bill 5075, said there is an urgent need to extend the life of ACEF, which will end in 2015.
In announcing the award, Marianne Hudson, executive director of ACEF and entrepreneurship director of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, sponsor of ACEF, said, "Over nearly two decades, Jeff has pioneered research into venture investing and has been unstinting in his support of angels and angel groups.
Last year, ACEF joined with the Humane Society of United States (HSUS) and the United Egg Producers to support congressional efforts to establish national standards on egg laying hen enclosures, including dimensions and other key elements that are not found in Proposition 2.
APS already demonstrated their commitment to character education in Arizona as a sponsor of the Arizona Character Education Foundation," said Tammy Linn, ACEF Director.
The suit was filed by William Cramer, a Riverside County egg farmer who is not a member of ACEF.
The ACEF is expected to mobilise support for policy and legislative changes by advocating and working through its network with the National People s Congress, Ministry of Environmental Protection and other relevant departments of the State Council, CSOs, media, international agencies and experts.
The JS West lawsuit is of great importance to the state's egg farmers who need clear guidance on how much space and what types of housing systems will be legal, and ACEF needs to be a party in that lawsuit," said Debbie Murdock, executive director of ACEF.