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ACEHArizona Coalition to End Homelessness (Phoenix, AZ)
ACEHAngiotensin-Converting Enzyme Homolog
ACEHAlliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony (Holland, MI)
ACEHAtlantic Coast Entertainment Holdings Inc. (stock symbol)
ACEHAcid Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolase
ACEHAlbany Coalition for Environmental Health (Albany, CA)
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Although there were several sultanahs who also ruled Aceh between 1641 and 1699, Banu chose to focus her attention on Safiatuddin as she ruled Aceh for the longest period--thirty-four years--of all sultanahs.
"A30-member delegation consisting of members of Chamber of Commerce of Aceh, state and local enterprises, shipping and logistics companies, academics, media and officials of Foreign Ministries of both countries would arrive at Port Blair via Chennai on 28th November to attend the Forum," a press release from Indian Embassy in Jakarta stated.
He added Aceh still needs more investors to improve the economy and reduce the poverty.
'We want to stress that without Ramasamy at the Helsinki negotiations, peace might not have been achieved in Aceh,' he said.
"Since January of this year, a total of 47 people have now been caned in public in Aceh, and the list is only getting longer.
Today, 10 years on, Aceh is widely regarded as a success story in disaster reconstruction.
As Craig Thorburn of Monash University, who led a multi-year research project on community recovery in Aceh, observed: "the sheer volume of this aid -in combination with the ambitious deadlines set for the recovery process -inevitably resulted in serious overlaps and redundancies, mistargeting and hastily planned and implemented programs." Poor use of aid funds were also due to the intense pressure on aid agencies from donors, the public and media--to spend funds quickly, rather than to invest it in ways that might support more thoughtful and sustainable recovery and transition processes.
"The rampant violence in Aceh was very concerning, but we are determined to make the election conducted peacefully here," Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said in the province's capital Banda Aceh on Friday as quoted by a local media.
Aceh was last hit by a magnitude 6.2 quake early this month, leaving scores of people dead.
Houses collapsed in the district, some 320 kilometers from the provincial capital Banda Aceh.
North Aceh Regent Muhammad Thaib called it "haram" (forbidden by Islam) for women to "swing and sway" before the public, such as during welcoming ceremonies for state or provincial visitors to his regency, because the movements reveal their body curves.
Since the devastating tsunami that struck Aceh in December 2004, much has changed for the Acehnese.