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ACEIAngiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor
ACEIAssociation for Childhood Education International
ACEIAssociation for Cultural Economics International
ACEIAssociation of Consulting Engineers of Ireland
ACEIAlliance for a Competitive European Industry
ACEIAsociacion Caribeña de Evaluacion e Investigacion
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ACEI also has chosen to put our global mission of "Every Child, Every Nation" into action by creating an ACEI preschool for girls in rural Tanzania, which will open in the fall of 2012.
According to information furnished to us by ACEI management, the Holley related contracts include purchase contracts to ACEI for 500,000 units of a new high-tech meter and exclusive Asia licensing of "Remote Access" meter technology and sales of related hardware, resulting in an estimated US $30 million and US $10 million, respectively, in FY 2001 gross revenues to ACEI.
He is proud that ACEI includes such a diverse group of educators, including preschool caregivers; kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teachers; and university faculty.
Holley will become the ACEI's largest shareholder, and ACEI will be seeking the necessary shareholders approval for this investment through either a proxy or informational statement within the coming weeks.
ACEI has always had a firm belief that education is the most important ingredient in the creation of a successful society.
The current chapter presidents of the ACEI Presidents' Council judge chapter awards.
LiXin Niu, Chairman of Great Wall notified ACEI that their 1999 year end financials will be audited by the Beijing office of Peat Marwick, an international accounting firm, and anticipates the delivery of results of the audit by January 31, 2000.
McCanne ACEI on the campus of Texas State University, San Marcos (faculty advisers: Dianne Pape and Laura Duhon)
There are great synergistical alliance between ACEI and Great Wall International Sports Media," said Anthony Chan.
I joined ACEI in 1974 as an assignment in one of my university curriculum courses.
ACEI to Acquire or License Technology to Deliver Full-Length Motion Pictures
Kennedy's inaugural speech from 1961, "Ask not what ACEI can do for you--ask what you can do for ACEI.