ACELAustralian Council for Educational Leaders (Australia)
ACELAustralian Centre for Environmental Law (est. 1991; Australian National University)
ACELAutonomic Computing Expression Language
ACELAerospace Crew Equipment Laboratory
ACELAction Construction Equipment, Ltd. (India)
ACELAlternating Current Electro-Luminescent
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As the largest publisher of technical information databases serving the domestic Australian and New Zealand engineering markets, ACEL Information, as a leading distributor of engineering and medical information products and services, significantly complements and enhances IHS Australia's existing franchise, according to IHS.
ACEL Information publishes a series of proprietary and unique technical databases incorporating information on Australian engineering standards, Australian vendors and products, and Australian occupational health and safety standards.
A ACEL falou dos custos que envolvem a regulamentacao, o que geraria um onus para a sociedade, e questionou se devemos realmente universalizar a banda larga, o que considerou uma utopia, se enxergarmos o problema que ainda existe na telefonia rural.
As President of ACEL he has a strong interest in expanding ACEI's role in the world community.
Moreover, ACEL will tap the capabilities of its partner for the expansion of its European portfolio.
ACEL delivers the "look" of LED luminaries by eliminating glare and mixing the light to create an aesthetically pleasing glow.
Mr Walsh said: "As ACELS is a voluntary scheme, English language schools can operate in Ireland without having ACELS recognition.
ACELS es una institucion irlandesa abocada a la formacion de maestros en el idioma ingles, asi como acreditar a instituciones que provean una educacion de alta calidad cubriendo los estandares del Marco Comun Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas.
DURACELT ACELT ACEL S Deila's side just keep going and MackaySteven ran 1300 meters during the 40 win over Aberdeen DUR Deila's side just keep going and MackaySteven ran 1300 meters during the 40 win over Aberdeen
The college lost its ACELS accreditation several weeks ago following an inspection.
Under the new regulations, however, immigration officials will no longer recognise schools that are not accredited by ACELS or that (alternately) have proven to the government that they have passed a quality assurance process comparable to the ACELS scheme.
Tenders are invited for IT Sligo is seeking the services of a reputable and ACELS approved English language Training Service Provider, to deliver English language modules of the Foundation Certificate in English Language and Western Society and Culture (Level 6).