ACELPAlgebraic Code-Excited Linear Prediction
ACELPAssociation Canadienne des Ecoles de Langues Privées
ACELPAdaptive Code Excited Linear Prediction
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They have direct, hands-on experience as the inventor and owner of the ACELP proprietary portfolio of more than 300 granted patents and patent applications in the area of voice compression and low bit rate audio.
Today VoiceAge speech and audio codec solutions, using designs based on our flagship ACELP technology platform, deliver unsurpassed quality experienced daily by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
Since its inception in 1999, VoiceAge has built its corporate image around the reputation and know-how of its initial partners, Sipro Lab Telecom Inc, better known for its technology brokerage capabilities, and the Speech and Audio Compression Research Group of Universite de Sherbrooke, inventors of the ACELP technology.
ACELP and VoiceAge are either registered trademarks or trademarks of VoiceAge Corporation in Canada and / or other countries.
VoiceAge, SPOT xde and ACELP are registered trademarks of VoiceAge Corporation.
VoiceAge, SPOT xde and ACELP are trademarks of VoiceAge Corporation.
The 1900-4 includes VSLEP and ACELP vocoder functions, allowing verification of voice quality.