ACEMAustralasian College for Emergency Medicine
ACEMAssociation of Consulting Engineers Malaysia
ACEMAssociation des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles
ACEMAir Combat Evaluation Model
ACEMAssociacio Catalana d'Educacio Medica (Medical Education Association)
ACEMAdvanced Campaign Effectiveness Model
ACEMArmored Combat Earth Mover
ACEMAFSCN Communications Enhancement and Modernization
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We are very pleased to see that, in this year's ranking, local Chinese EMBA programs headed by ACEM have shown an overall upward trend, suggesting that Chinese business schools are being fully upgraded and steadily narrowing the gap with international counterparts.
Statistics compiled by the ACEM show that the first quarter of 2012 is a grim indicator of the year.
ACEM has been set up as a dedicated facility, to meet the requirements of composite propellants for solid rocket motors during their development phase as well as the limited series production.
Tablo--IV 1650-1750 Ydlannda ihtida Eden Cariyelerin Sarsi ve Milliyetleri Coriyelerin Milliyetleri Sayisi Acem 8 Bogdan 1 Frenk 1 Gurcu 12 Leh 3 Macar 3 Rus 30 Milliyeti belli olmayanlar 37 Toplam 96
Zhou Lin, Dean of ACEM, SJTU, said, "China's business school growth is propelled by China's powerful economy as well as Chinese entrepreneurs' strong desire for systematic business education.
AK Party YE-rey-ir women's branch chairperson Zeynep Acem joined the MHP with a large number of people several days ago and another 315 people joined today as well.
In May only, some 151, 924 PTWs were sold in the countries monitored by ACEM statistical service, down 21.
During Sibal's time, anyone who used the main tucu' to process salt at Pa' Kebuan had to pay an acem (a levy) to the caretaker of the salt spring.
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