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During the first five months of 2012, sales of mopeds or sub-50cc PTWs saw a YoY sales decline of 17%, while sales of PTWs over 50cc shrunk by 14% YoY, show ACEM statistics.
Given this trend, 2011 will most likely end with a double-digit decrease, ACEM said.
Since 2008, European manufacturers represented by ACEM have been calling on European institutions for increased attention to this situation, which has dramatically impacted the labor market, with the Spanish motorcycle industry having lost a quarter of its original 50,000 jobs since 2007.
According to ACEM, registrations began falling dramatically in the last quarter of 2008 in important markets such as Spain, France, and Greece, leading to a revolution in the European market for motorcycles and scooters.
Marking the greatest losses in 2011 were Italy, down 17%; Spain, off 16%; and the Netherlands, a drop of 13%, reports ACEM. The biggest loser of all was Greece, with a record decline of 25%.
Motorcycle salesmen hoped peak summer sales would finally revive two consecutive negative years, ACEM said.
During the first eight months of 2011, sales of new PTWs in the countries monitored by ACEM were down 8.86% over the same period of 2010, with just 105,6906 registered units.
ACEM said that the recently published White Paper on Transport for Belgium found that congestion will be much improved if 25% of all commuting trips were by PTW.
PTWs, ACEM stressed, can deliver results unmatched by cycling or public transport most of the time.
ACEM recently pointed out that the transposition process required by the Third Driving License Directive (DLD) is generating confusion in the EU.
ACEM emphasized that while broadly speaking the main approach of the EC appears sound, the proposal misses out on many important aspects which will need to be carefully considered by the European Council and the European Parliament.
Unfortunately, data collected by CIAcem, ACEM's registration database, showed no improvement, on the contrary a general decline has occurred during the first five months with the exception of Spain.