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ACEPAmerican College of Emergency Physicians
ACEPAOC (Air Operations Center) Communications Enhancement Package
ACEPAssociation for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
ACEPApproved Continuing Education Provider
ACEPAlaska Center for Energy and Power (University of Alaska)
ACEPArmy Center for Enhanced Performance
ACEPAfrican Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme
ACEPAmerican Coaching Effectiveness Program (now American Sport Education Program)
ACEPAnnual Coordinated Election Period (US Medicare)
ACEPAdvisory Committee on Export Policy (US Department of Commerce)
ACEPApproved Continuous Examination Program
ACEPAccredited Continuing Education Provider
ACEPAssociação de Comércio Electrónico em Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal)
ACEPAlliance avec les Chrétiens en Politique (French: Alliance with the Christians in Politics; EU)
ACEPAdvisory Committee, Export Policy
ACEPAirport Capacity Enhancement Plan
ACEPAssociation du Collectionneurs des Entiers Postaux (French: Association of Postal Stationery Collectors)
ACEPAssociation Canadienne des Employés Professionels
ACEPAdvancement of Community Empowerment and Partnership (Hanoi, Vietnam)
ACEPAustralian Council of Egg Producers
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ACEP also honored Kathleen Cowling, DO, MS, FACEP, of Saginaw, Michigan, with the John A.
In a letter of felicitation, the ACEP said it is a matter of pride for all of us, structural engineers in particular, that he, being from engineers' community, an NEDIAN, having done Masters in Structural Engineering, has been inducted into the coveted office of Chief Minister of this Province.
And ACEP easement programs are expected to receive less funding under the 2014 Farm Bill than their predecessor programs received under the 2008 Farm Bill.
It was no accident that someone from ACEP was here--I think they're surprised at how quickly this group has grown," said Dr.
Rosenau is a past president of Pennsylvania ACEP, and is the founding program director of the Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network emergency medicine residency program.
Furthermore, the ACEP instructional components of self-confidence, imagery, and mental practice were significant predictors of self-esteem.
According to the ACEP website, "Be mindful of the distraction and corresponding reflex-response delay that texting can cause, and don't text in any environments in which excessive inattention can cause safety concerns.
The President of the ACEP added that "'[b]oarding' is an appalling fact of life in our nation's emergency departments, and too often our most vulnerable patients--psychiatric patients in this instance--bear the biggest burden.
ACEP presents Soldiers with concepts and techniques designed to foster confidence, improve attention, manage energy levels, and facilitate learning by emphasizing how the mind and body interact to affect performance.
The ACEP award is given for outstanding coverage of an emergency medicine issue, in-depth analysis or investigation that brings clarity to a key emergency medicine issue and educates the public, and significant impact that motivates positive change or breaks a new story that generates widespread coverage.
You can find a medical form to fill out and keep on hand in case of an emergency on the ACEP web site at: www.
Robert Hockburger, chairman of the department of emergency medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and an ACEP spokesman.