ACERAAlameda County Employees' Retirement Association (Oakland, CA)
ACERAAustralian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis (University of Melbourne)
ACERAAdvisory Committee on the Electronic Records Archives (US National Archives)
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Martinet and his colleagues in the Louisiana chapter of ACERA who had
should be established to replace ACERA (which had fallen apart) and to
33) ACERA had failed, Martinet explained, for lack of
an apparent criticism of ACERA President Pinchback, a longtime
ACERA is a retirement system organized under the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, which provides retirement disability, and death benefits to the employees, retirees, and former employees of the County of Alameda, and certain other participating public employers.
The new SK850LC Super ACERA heavy-duty, full-size excavator expands Kobelco's full-line of products into the 80- to 90-ton class.
The new 17SR ACERA zero tail swing compact excavator features a new "Smart Hydraulic System" fueled by three pumps that ensure maximum power for simultaneous lifting, swinging and travel operations as well as excellent controllability for fine grading.
Kobelco America introduces the new 17SR ACERA zero tail swing, compact excavator for more digging performance and an adjustable track gauge that gives easy maneuverability in tight spaces without sacrificing stability when working.
Organizaban camas en las aceras del camino, justo debajo de la autopista.