ACERTArmy Computer Emergency Response Team
ACERTAdvanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology
ACERTArmy Contaminated Equipment Retrograde Team
ACERTAssociation of Campus Emergency Response Teams (est. 1996; London, Ontario, Canada)
ACERTAmerican Clean Energy Resources Trust (Kanab, UT)
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4-liter diesel engine available with either an electronic fuel management system and ACERT Technology or a mechanical fuel management system without ACERT Technology.
We developed ACERT technology with the goal of meeting all current and future emissions regulations, while continuing to provide the overall value on-highway vehicle owners need to operate profitably," said Caterpillar On-highway Power Systems Division director Greg Gauger.
4 ACERT shares the same design strategy with the C7.
The R4 ACERT Perinatal Reporting System is a fully integrated reporting, image management and telemedicine system, providing full support for Maternal Fetal Medicine and ultrasound examinations.
ACERT is an advanced combustion technology that uses a building-block approach for reducing emissions that is based on the integration of key systems technologies.
IPO noted that this invention, combined with advanced fuel systems, engine electronics and after-treatment, comprise ACERT technology.
Powered by CAT C9 ACERT engines rated at 503hp and driving twin surface drives, the vessel is capable of 40 knots.
The rock saw offers customers a powerful 540-hp C-15 Cat ACERT engine that is Tier Ill compliant.
These certifications demonstrate that engines with ACERT Technology for 2007 are ready to serve our customers in the North American trucking industry," said James J.
In making the announcement, the company displayed a 2007 emissions compliant truck powered by a Caterpillar C-15 on-highway truck equipped with its ACERT technology.
The standard 72-1200 NG is equipped with a Caterpillar C7 ACERT, Tier III 250-hp diesel engine and has a maximum thrust rating of 1,200,000 pounds.
Drive systems include a Caterpillar ACERT diesel engine with inline direct marine style transmission for dredge pump reduction, or TEFC electric motor, variable frequency AC dredge pump motor drive and double helical gear reducer for dredge pump reduction.