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ACETAIDS Care Education and Training
ACETAdvisory Council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (CDC)
ACETAssociation Canadienne d'Equitation Thérapeutique (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association)
ACETAssociation for Compensatory Educators of Texas
ACETAdvisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
ACETAlameda Corridor Engineering Team
ACETAustralian Center for Education and Training
ACETAssociate Continuing Education Tracking Program
ACETAutomatic Cancellation of Extended Targets
ACETAir Conditioner Evaporator Temperature
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This year's report includes 21 countries but ACET intends to expand its geographical reach over the next few years, as well as refining the index.
Also, he hinted that the next ACET report would focus on agricultural transformation, with attention being paid to the linkages between production and processing in order to generate jobs in Africa.
With ACET joining the group, EMPH will be able to extend support to other financial products including store cards and personal loans.
ACET recommended that appropriate agencies require the reporting of TB and suspected TB patients in INS custody before the transfer or deportation of INS detainees with TB to DIHS and state and local TB-control programs of jurisdictions in which sending and receiving facilities are located.
In contrast to the two enzyme-based assays that failed to demonstrate ACET intoxication, the TDx assay (Abbott Laboratories) confirmed high, toxic concentrations of the drug in the same blood sample.
ACET has identified 10 key drivers of transformation: state capacity for economic management; the business environment for the private sector; finance domestic private saving and investment; public infrastructure; education and skills; technology upgrading; export promotion; foreign direct investment; labour/industrial relations; and targeted sector/sub-sector strategies to leverage potential comparative advantage.
ACET is housed in the building of Universit de Sherbrookes Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation 3IT, whose mission is to offer all of the components of a complete innovation chain under one roof.
Jeff Roberts, President and CEO of Erickson said, "Erickson is pleased to partner with ACET in support of this project.