ACEVAnne Çocuk Egitimi Vakfi (Turkish: Mother Child Education Program)
ACEVAnalysis, Comparison, Evaluation and Verification (forensic science)
ACEVArmored Combat Engineer Vehicle
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After training group leaders and establishing informal cooperative arrangements with the teachers' union, ACEV organized several pilot series in the group leaders' primary schools serving mostly lower-and middle-income families.
Targeting Literate Fathers of Young Children: ACEV organized a range of early groups, that varied widely in terms of fathers' income levels and the ages of their children.
For a period of time, ACEV secured funding for the program from the European Union to offer two additional sessions on sexual and reproductive health issues.
In 2004, ACEV conducted a qualitative and quantitative evaluation to assess the program's impact on fathers, and on their wives and children (Kocak 2004).
Recently, ACEV has become more engaged with gender issues in its women's programming, and the staff hope also to integrate this perspective into the Father Support Program.
ACEV continues to expand the audience and scale of the program.
8) It would be wonderful, but it is a commitment and would require a decision from ACEV as a foundation.
Although the group leaders are volunteers, ACEV must generate adequate funds to cover staff salaries; the ten day residential training of trainers; the symbolic payments allocated for supervisors; direct expenses for refreshments, printing, and other program operations; and the the annual group leader meetings.
To date, ACEV has offered more than 240 summer preschool classes.
Finally, we are grateful for the contributions of ACEV Board Member Sevda Bekman and of various ACEV staff members, especially Aysen Akgul, who participated in conducting a number of interviews for this publication.