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ACF2Access Control Facility 2
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Protect with Robust Mainframe Security: RACF[R], ACF2 and Top Secret[R]
I felt so welcomed in that first meeting with her that I was glad that I got kicked out of the English department," ACF2 said.
This approach was a godsend because we already knew the ins and outs of ACF2.
Vanguard offers the most comprehensive program in the world for migration from ACF2 and Top Secret to RACF.
For example, excellent programs such as RACF, ACF2, and TOP SECRET have been developed for IBM systems to control access to specific applications (privileges) and to generate audit trails.
The implementation initially focused on the most active applications managed by Amerisure's Security Administration team, including Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, ACF2 Mainframe, RSA SecurID, and Citrix Password Manager.
There are a number of other access control products from CA, such as TopSecret and ACF2.
After all, it is difficult to gain access to a host that has a security package like RACF, TopSecret, or ACF2.
Computer Associates, IBM, z/OS, mainframe, SYSVIEW, Health Checker, Vtape, ACF2, Top Secret, zIIP
CA ACF2 r12 and CA Top Secret r12 SP2 - allow additional security attributes to be shared with distributed LDAP directories, and include compliance-reporting enhancements.
0 further addresses FTP security shortcomings by integrating the z/OS FTP server with mainframe System Authorization Facility (SAF) security (RACF, ACF2, or Top Secret).
Support for RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret authentication