ACFECAlaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission
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On the contrary, both of the ACFEC and the RED-FEC function to avoid congestion.
In this case, few source packets are lost in one block; accordingly the ACFEC produces a small quantity of FEC packets.
8, the ACFEC adaptively increases the number of FEC packets to compensate for the lost packets in each block.
The Static-FEC, the RED-FEC and the proposed ACFEC are all capable of recovering small quantities of lost packets at a loss rate of 0.
12 presents the proposed ACFEC also obtained better performance than the existing approaches in the heavy load condition.
9, the ACFEC can control the redundant rate, when the AP is congested.
Our proposed ACFEC mechanism utilizes the functionalities of different layers.
In the future, we plan to extend the ACFEC mechanism onto the H.