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According to the Washington Post, Acfei is a discredited group.
Acfei's founder, Robert O'Block, 66, killed his 27-year-old girlfriend and then committed suicide after he was exposed as a fraud.
ACFEI divides the CHS program into five levels commensurate to various career milestones and work experiences of Sailors and other security professionals from the public, private, and government sectors, which includes incident management and first-responder organizations.
The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute is not a "mail-order outfit," nor is it "widely criticized." The ACFEI is the world's largest forensic science association and has among its members many leading forensic professionals.
Many new certification programs, whether initiated by the ACFEI or any other respected certifying organization, go through a process where initial members are qualified for certification based on experience and education.
Hayne has met the requirements established to receive his status with ACFEI, including no felony convictions or ethical violations in the last 10 years as well as not being under investigation by any legal accounting or licensing board, appropriate educational degrees from accredited universities, five years of relevant experience in a forensic-related field, and other requirements, which can be viewed online at
Radley Balko replies: I'm not the first to report on ACFEI's dubious reputation among respected forensic experts.
ACFEI may have defenders in some areas of forensics.
While reporting my story about Hayne, I called ACFEI twice to inquire about Hayne's certification.
Yet he still routinely testifies in court that he is "board certified" in forensic pathology, relying on his ACFEI certification (as well as credentials from other, even less reputable organizations) for cover.
'Former members and other critics call ACFEI a 'certification mill', and 'expertise on the go' and these were essentially confirmed when a student named Leah Bartos (with no background in medicine or forensics) was able to become a member after paying 660 USD,' Valte wrote.