ACFEIAmerican College of Forensic Examiners International
ACFEIAmerican Culinary Federation Educational Institute
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Hayne has met the requirements established to receive his status with ACFEI, including no felony convictions or ethical violations in the last 10 years as well as not being under investigation by any legal accounting or licensing board, appropriate educational degrees from accredited universities, five years of relevant experience in a forensic-related field, and other requirements, which can be viewed online at acfei.
When ACFEI attempted to affiliate with a state university in Missouri, that state's education officials were flooded with objections from forensic experts all over the country.
ACFEI may have defenders in some areas of forensics.
E[acute accent]The ACFEI is an international membership association, developed to bring together professionals from a variety of disciplines to provide a reliable, credible forum for ethical and professional standards for forensics.
These are professionals who want to be ready if they are needed," said Brent McCoy, Chief Association Officer, ACFEI.
ACFEI has elevated standards through education, basic and advanced training, and Diplomate Status.
Using existing ACFEI classroom content, VCampus plans to initially develop and deliver a series of three online courses to support continuing-education requirements based on the following ACFEI core instructor-led courses: Professional Ethics in Forensic Examination, Law and Forensic Examination and Scientific Evidence: A Short Course in the Applied Forensic Sciences Service.
Members are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education instruction each year to maintain ACFEI certification.
We believe that offering an online learning option is critical to meeting our commitment," said Brent McCoy, Chief Association Officer, ACFEI.
According to ACFEI records, the Academy is one of 70 culinary schools with ACFEI accredited programs out of approximately 500 culinary schools in the nation.
The foodservice industry recognizes ACFEI accreditation as an assurance that the education provided meets the needs of the industry.
In order to gain accreditation for its programs, a school must first submit a self-evaluation to the ACFEI Accreditation Commission.