ACFLAnacortes Community Forest Lands (Anacortes, WA)
ACFLAcadian Flycatcher (bird)
ACFLAtlantic Coast Football League (1962-1971)
ACFLAgreed Cease Fire Line
ACFLA Canticle For Leibowitz
ACFLAfrica Cares for Life (pregnancy)
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Monitoring alignment of PME courses' terminal learning objectives with the ACFL learning outcomes endorsed by the ALCC.
Identifying and resolving gaps or redundancies in ACFL training along the career continuums as well as within the operating force.
CAC was assigned the lead in implementing the ACFLS in 2011 within all TRADOC organizations.
Bayer's gift puts the ACFL within striking distance of that goal.
USAWC will assist CAC by guiding development of this approach across the ACFL Enterprise to support training of cultural competence and the development of cultural abilities.
3) The ACFLS goal is to establish a baseline of CFL capabilities for all leaders and Soldiers to support the accomplishment of unit missions.
CAC, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, was assigned the lead to implement the ACFLS in 2011 within all TRADOC organizations.