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ACFMAlternating Current Field Measurement (weld inspections)
ACFMAdvisory Committee on Fishery Management
ACFMActual Cubic Feet per Minute
ACFMAssociation Confédérale pour la Formation Médicale
ACFMAmerican Council for Fitness and Nutrition
ACFMAutomatic Cell Factory Manipulator (cell culturing system)
ACFMAdvanced Carcase Fat Measurement
ACFMAcoustic Current Flow Meter
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Consider a data center located at 762 m elevation (2500 ft) operating with an air handler transporting 40,000 ACFM (18,877.
This new commitment from ACFM follows a 22% salt reduction already, made from 1998 to 2003, demonstrating the ACFM's wider commitment to encourage consumers to improve their health through a balanced diet and active lifestyle.
The 176,000 ACFM (actual cubic feet per minute) system was designed, fabricated and installed as a turnkey project in four months.
Because of the abrasive nature of the dust, the collector handles 12,000 ACFM at a conservative air-to-cloth ration of 4 :1.
It vents 12,000 acfm from storage tanks with a 99% collection efficiency on particulate as small as one micron with pressure drop pf 12" wg.
Celicote Air Pollution Control featured its Type MS II Mini-Scrubber, a packaged gas scrubber available in sizes of 4000 and 6000 ACFM.
ACFM was originally developed for the offshore oil and gas industries, where crack detection methods capable of penetrating up to 5 mm of coating are required.
Table 1 Measured air-flow rates and temperatures in AIIR and normal patient room AIIR Regular Patient Room Volume Flow Bathroom door closed: Rates: ACFM - actual cubic ft per min ([m.
ACFM inspection for offshore structures Tender no: ST11101700 Description: Inspection survey of all the structural critical nodal joints at offshore stations PS/2, PS/3 and oil storage tank T-5003 in Halul using rope-access and alternating current field measurement (ACFM) technique backed up with MPI.