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ACFMAdobe Composite Font Metrics
ACFMAlternating Current Field Measurement (weld inspections)
ACFMAdvisory Committee on Fishery Management
ACFMActual Cubic Feet per Minute
ACFMAdvanced Coal Flow Measurement (Airflow Sciences Corporation)
ACFMAccredited Counter Fraud Manager (UK)
ACFMAdvanced Certified Floodplain Manager (US FEMA)
ACFMAssociation Confédérale pour la Formation Médicale
ACFMAmerican Council for Fitness and Nutrition
ACFMAutomatic Cell Factory Manipulator (cell culturing system)
ACFMAdvanced Carcase Fat Measurement
ACFMAcoustic Current Flow Meter
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w.c.) Bulb ([degrees]F) 98.5 0.61 92.4 95.7 0.63 84.4 92.8 0.65 76.3 94.4 0.44 75 96.3 0.30 75 98.3 0.18 75 99.3 0.12 75 99.9 0.09 75 100.3 0.07 75 100.6 0.06 75 100.8 0.05 75 100.9 0.04 75 101.0 0.03 75 101.1 0.03 75 Note: Hot-aisle entering (including fan heat) = 101.5[degrees]F; 200 kW ICT load heat rejection; supply airflow entering HX = 26,760 acfm; supply-side HX pressure drop = 0.56 in.
The emissions from the engine were diluted with filtered air (3:1), the temperature adjusted to approximately 35[degrees]C, and the emission directed to a small baghouse (Dustex model T6-3.5-9 150 ACFM with nine polyester felt bags).
These lubricated rotary screw air compressors are available in both constant speed and variable speed drive models, 100 (75 kW) horsepower with capacities of 369 to 493 acfm and pressures from 100 to 175 psig.
The Commission takes this into account, along with a separate ACFM report in October, when drawing up its annual proposal to Fisheries Ministers, who traditionally agree the final figures each December, although the Commission is at present working on making this calendar more flexible.
Kellogg's has had a salt reduction programme in place since 1998 and as a member of the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM), supports the industry-wide commitment to a 10% reduction in salt levels in cereals by the end of 2005, subject to consumer preference.
The Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM)--the trade association for the UK's breakfast cereal manufacturers, recently announced a commitment from its members to make further salt reductions by the end of the year.
The 176,000 ACFM (actual cubic feet per minute) system was designed, fabricated and installed as a turnkey project in four months.
Because of the abrasive nature of the dust, the collector handles 12,000 ACFM at a conservative air-to-cloth ration of 4 :1.
Last November, a panel of weight-management behavior experts, convened by the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition (ACFM), agreed that overweight and obesity are complex problems.
It vents 12,000 acfm from storage tanks with a 99% collection efficiency on particulate as small as one micron with pressure drop pf 12" wg.