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The expression of the temporal ACF can be derived from STCF by setting [[delta].sub.T] = [[delta].sub.R] = 0 and is expressed as
However, some drawbacks have been noted, especially associated with the multiple side peaks of autocorrelation function (ACF) causing the ambiguity problem.
Due to these characteristics, as well as the good electric conductivities along their fiber axis, activated carbon fibers (ACF) are promising alternatives as supercapacitor electrode materials [7-15].
The questions were created by ACFS professors and reviewed by industry experts to ensure accuracy.
Focusing on the first panel of Table 7, we find that the permanent minimum wage only has larger disemployment effects in the ACFS sector.
Once removed from their land in shackles, the Olkola Traditional Owners are finally heading home to their land on Cape York Peninsula, writes ACFs Northern Australia campaigner Andrew Picone.
These relations can be made more evident by a rereading (a deconstruction) of the Acfs text.
The sample ACFs and the PACFs of the residuals are within two standard limits (Figures 3.6).
These are the Daang Hari toll road, which is expected to be completed within this year as well as the automated fare collection system (ACFS), a payments system that will start with the rail operations in Metro Manila but with a potential to expand into various retail areas.
In various electronic interconnections, anisotropic conductive films (ACFs) are commonly used as an interconnecting material [2-7].