ACFSAssociation of Certified Fraud Specialists
ACFSAssumption College for Sisters (Mendham, NJ)
ACFSAdvanced Concepts Flight Simulator
ACFSAdvanced Concept Flight Simulator (aviation)
ACFSAmerican Collegiate Financial Services, Inc.
ACFSAmerican Computer Science Foundation
ACFSAcrocardiofacial Syndrome
ACFSAdvanced Cryptographic File System
ACFSAttitude Control Flight Software
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The questions were created by ACFS professors and reviewed by industry experts to ensure accuracy.
The ACFS sector again finds results similar to those found in the restaurant sector.
2009) also found evidences of concurrent validity for some ACFS subtests.
Table 3 shows results of the analysis of the two groups' performance in a series of structured tasks in the ACFS as well as their attitudes towards learning.
Optimization of the upstream sections according to the ACFS minimizes flow components in the transverse plane, maximizing the applicability of the developed flow assumption.
Para garantir a fidedignidade da avaliacao dos protocolos de operacoes cognitivas, de comportamentos e da ACFS, foram sorteados seis protocolos (20%), sendo tres de cada grupo.
2007) Utilidad de la Escala ACFS para poblacion preescolar con Sindrome de Down.
ACFS handles the integration issue using an algorithm we call "controlled-aggressive.
Validity and reliability of the ACFS Behavior Observation Rating Scale.
La fiabilidad y validez de la ACFS ha sido ampliamente demostrada con diferentes tipos de poblaciones procedentes de distintos paises con gran variedad de niveles socioeconomicos y etnicos (Aranov, 1999; Bensousan, 2002; Levy, 1999; Lidz y Van der Aalsvoort, 2005; Malowitsky, 2001; Shurin, 1998).
The ACFS assesses the child's ability to apply cognitive functions to tasks that represent the learning processes necessary for school achievement.