ACFTAASEAN-China Free Trade Area
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The next section introduces our data sources and provides a brief overview of ACFTA use.
Miti said, It is important that the scope and content of the ACFTA continues to grow in line with the current regional and global economic landscape and comparable to other modern free trade agreements .
In 2009, before ACFTA was effective, trade between Indonesia and China was valued at US$ 25.
ACFTA ''has enhanced trade and investment linkages, and economic cooperation between ASEAN and China, contributing significantly to the economic development of individual countries,'' the draft says.
It has been estimated that the completion of the ACFTA will not only increase ASEAN's exports to China by 48 percent, but will also enhance China's exports to ASEAN by 55 percent - this being exclusive of the benefits of enhanced trade with other countries that will ensue.
Whether the ACFTA will fully compromise Taiwanese makers' share in ASEAN remains to be seen, says ITIS analysts.
The ACFTA will be the biggest free trade zone in the world, forming a market with a population of 1.
91) However, none of the items on which ACFTA discussions take aim neither on potentially negative consequences such as the concentration and centralization of economic power.
Upon completion, ACFTA will encompass an economic region with 1.
14) Another Thai economist employed by the ASEAN Secretariat appeals to "the well-known flying geese pattern of collective development" to argue that the ACFTA will yield "good commercial returns in support of income growth, structural transformation and modernization, poverty alleviation, and social advancement across the region":
What remains hidden beneath the banner headlines of China's proposal to form ACFTA is the fact that the ASEAN+3 process has also provided a mechanism for a growing subregional dialogue among China, Japan, and South Korea.
The group views ACFTA as "an important move forward in terms of economic integration in East Asia," as well as "a foundation for the more ambitious vision of an East Asia Free Trade Area, encompassing ASEAN, China, Japan, and Korea.