ACFTUAll-China Federation of Trade Unions
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For his part, the ACFTU First Secretary expressed full confidence in the Syrian people and workers' ability to rebuild their country again.
To control unrest, the government initiated several reforms such as the Rainbow campaign in 2010 to promote collective consultation and contracts at enterprise, regional and national levels with the help of the ACFTU and government administrative wings (such as the labour bureau and tax office) (Wu & Sun, 2014).
With Foxconn occupying a nodal position in the mobile Internet ecosystem and, thereby, having inserted China into the low-wage assembly division of labor in the global production network, this case of public dispute with the ACFTU illustrates that in the device assembly section of China's digital economy, policy and institutional transformation necessary for economic restructuring, especially for empowering digital labor and breaking up the low-wage system so as to raise residential income and consumption capacity, is lagging behind transnational corporate moves.
However, the ACFTU has its own institutional agenda, seeking to increase its influence while fulfilling its formal responsibility of representing the workers in such a way as to minimize conflict between workers and the party.
ACFTU, which is subordinate to the State-Party, has its own incentives to reproduce and expand its institutional organization and prevent competition from other independent labor organizations.
However, Dan Harris, a partner at Harris & Moure and co-author of the firm's China Law Blog, says that although the Communist Party wants China to believe the unions have teeth, union issues have never come up for any of his corporate clients in China and he believes the ACFTU is controlled by the government.
The ACFTU is the recognized union arm of the Chinese government and therefore their voice in the union sense is absolute and therefore their potential in influencing change is huge.
The prior experience of the ACFTU in establishing workplace union branches in foreign-funded enterprises had been limited to one method--top-down.
The ACFTU is considered the largest labor organization in the world, with a membership of almost 170 million, more than 500,000 full-time officials, and more than 1.3 million "grassroots level" (enterprise-level) unions.
The social insurance system was supervised by the Ministry of Labor and jointly administered by the Ministry of Labor and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).
Despite reluctance elsewhere, Wal-Mart and its major rival Carrefour both entered agreements with China's official workers union, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), by paying the equivalent of two percent of the payroll to support union activities.