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ACGTAdvanced Center for Genome Technology
ACGTAlliance for Cancer Gene Therapy
ACGTAdvisory Committee on Genetic Testing
ACGTArts Commission of Greater Toledo
ACGTA Comparative Genomics Tool (comparison viewer and analyzer)
ACGTAtlantic Coast Golf Tour
ACGTAfrican Center for Gene Technologies
ACGTAn Comhaontas Ghaelach Tuathúil
ACGTAnalysis, Consulting, & Genetic Technologies
ACGTAmerican Central Gas Technologies
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ACGT: Active comparison group therapy; BED: Binge eating disorder; BES: Binge eating scale; BMI: Body mass index; CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy; cGSH: Guided self-help cognitive behavior therapy; DBT : Dialectical behavior therapy; EES: Emotional Eating Scale; IES-2: Intuitive Eating Scale-2; MEQ: MindfulEating Questionnaire; [R.sup.2.sub.c]: Conditional [r.sup.2]; [R.sup.2.sub.m]: Marginal/2; RCT: Randomized clinical trial
The cash assets of ACGT, less a reserve of USD 1,250,000 (the "Liquidating Trust Deposit") were conveyed to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as trustee (the "Indenture Trustee") for application under the Trust Indenture dated as of December 6, 2000 (as amended, modified or supplemented, the "Indenture") between ACGT and the Indenture Trustee.
Taq I and HpyCH4IV recognize and digest the methylated ACGT and TCGA sites, respectively.
Results of GLAD-PCR assay of FBN1(3.3) regulation region (data are not shown) indicate that sites GCGC and ACGT, located in positions 48645433 and 48655447, respectively, are not methylated.
Por su parte, ACGT (Long et al, 2009; Martin et al, 2008), busca proveer acceso integrado a bases de datos clinicos, geneticos e imagenes, a traves de una infraestructura grid, con el fin de dar soporte a estudios sobre cancer.
A virtual pyrogram for hypothetical DNA sequence ACGT, where the polymerase chain reaction product bottom-strand with annealed top-strand sequencing primer is shown on the left, shaded box, and the extended nascent strand after addition of deoxyadenosine triphosphate (dATP) and deoxycytidine triphosphate are shown in the right, shaded box.
The Genbank accession numbers ( and sequences of primers used for real-time PCR were as follows: human PR (NM_000926.4): forward 5'-GACGTGGA GGGCGCATAT-3', reverse 5'-GCAG TCCGCTGTCCTTTTCT-3'; human pS2/TFF1 (NM_003225.2): forward 5'-GCCC TCCCAGTCTGCAAATA-3', reverse 5'-CTGGAGGGACGTCGATGGTA-3'; human GREB1 (NM_014668): forward 5'-CAAAGAATAACCTGTTGGCCC-3', reverse 5'-GACATGCCTGCGCTCT CATAC-3'; human SPUVE (NM_007173): forward 5'-ATGCCCGAGCAGATGA AATT-3', reverse 5'-CCAACCCTTGGG CACATG-3'; human WISP2 (NM_003881): forward 5'-TGAG CGGC ACAC CGAA GAC-3', reverse 5'ACAGCCATCCAG CACCAG-3'; human SDF-1 (NM_000609): forward 5'-GTGGTCGTGCTGGTCC TC-3', reverse 5'-GATG CTTG ACGT TGGCTCTG-3'.
One common set of STRs involves repeated sequences of four bases--for example, the sequence ACGT. Some people inherited from one parent a stretch of DNA with four repeats of ACGT; others inherited a stretch with six repeats, or one, or ten, or twenty-five.
The ACGT 2012 will aim to provide an international forum for exchange of information related to gas turbine technology, especially among researchers in the Asian Region.
Amman, July 26 (Petra)-The activities of the 7th Arab Scientific Conference on Nurturing Gifted and Talented (ACGT) will start Tuesday in Amman.
Summary: Amman, July 20, 2010, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will partake in the 7th Scientific Conference of The Arab Council for the Gifted and Talented (ACGT), scheduled to start its two-day proceedings at Amman Holiday Inn on July 27.
Department of Energy's Office of Science; the opening its La Jolla, CA facilities; the collaboration with BP to develop and commercialize microbial-enhanced solutions to increase the conversion and recovery of subsurface hydrocarbons; and the collaboration with ACGT Sdn Bhd to develop more high-yielding and disease-resistant plant feedstocks.