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ACGTAdvanced Center for Genome Technology
ACGTAlliance for Cancer Gene Therapy
ACGTAdvisory Committee on Genetic Testing
ACGTArts Commission of Greater Toledo
ACGTA Comparative Genomics Tool (comparison viewer and analyzer)
ACGTAtlantic Coast Golf Tour
ACGTAfrican Center for Gene Technologies
ACGTAn Comhaontas Ghaelach Tuathúil
ACGTAmerican Central Gas Technologies
ACGTAnalysis, Consulting, & Genetic Technologies
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3) regulation region (data are not shown) indicate that sites GCGC and ACGT, located in positions 48645433 and 48655447, respectively, are not methylated.
Por su parte, ACGT (Long et al, 2009; Martin et al, 2008), busca proveer acceso integrado a bases de datos clinicos, geneticos e imagenes, a traves de una infraestructura grid, con el fin de dar soporte a estudios sobre cancer.
The ACGT Young Investigator Award funds assistant professors on the tenure track who are conducting independent and innovative cell and gene therapy for cancer research in their own dedicated lab.
The council aims at strengthening scientific and professional relations among ACGT members, promoting public awareness of the needs of gifted children.
ACGT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asiatic Development Berhad, an oil palm plantation company and a member of the Genting Group.
Authors: David Hiett, Vice President of Operations, has been with ACGT since February 1995 and has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1980.
The document by the ACGT, which is now part of the Government's Human Genetics Commission, underlines that women found to have an abnormal foetus should be provided with advice on an abortion within legal guidelines.
Quantitative nature of the Prolamin-box, ACGT and AACA motifs in a rice glutelin gene promoter: Minimal cis-element requirements for endosperm-specific gene expression.
Modern Mobility Aids Inc (OTC: MDRM), a company focused on life sciences and healthcare, announced on Friday an agreement with ACGT Corporation to combine its resources and expertise with Lumigene Technologies Inc, to develop and commercialise molecular diagnostic products.
ACGT was the initial funding arm for the study using immune-mediated gene therapy for leukemia and lymphoma.
ACGT 2009 will aim to provide an international forum for exchange of information related to gas turbine technology, especially among researchers in /Ire Asian Region.
As the demand for DNA sequencing and genomics analysis increased, ACGT, Inc.