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ACGTAdvanced Center for Genome Technology
ACGTAlliance for Cancer Gene Therapy
ACGTAdvisory Committee on Genetic Testing
ACGTArts Commission of Greater Toledo
ACGTA Comparative Genomics Tool (comparison viewer and analyzer)
ACGTAtlantic Coast Golf Tour
ACGTAfrican Center for Gene Technologies
ACGTAn Comhaontas Ghaelach Tuathúil
ACGTAmerican Central Gas Technologies
ACGTAnalysis, Consulting, & Genetic Technologies
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The ACGT Young Investigator Award funds assistant professors on the tenure track who are conducting independent and innovative cell and gene therapy for cancer research in their own dedicated lab.
The council aims at strengthening scientific and professional relations among ACGT members, promoting public awareness of the needs of gifted children.
ACGT and SGI have focused on Jatropha for several reasons: it is a tropical tree that is one of the highest yielding oilseed plants in the world; it can be grown on marginal, non-food producing lands; has a very short generation time; can be productive for 30 to 40 years; and its seed oil and biomass are ideal for biofuel production.
SGI and ACGT will continue to do additional sequencing and analysis of the oil palm genome and when completed, this will become the reference genome.
The discovery of successful cancer gene therapy treatments are what my husband and I hoped for when we founded ACGT a decade ago," noted Barbara Netter, president and co-founder of the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy.
ACGT is considered to be one of the prominent Canadian providers of DNA services.
The Stamford, CT-based ACGT began supporting gene and cell cancer research in 2001 - when the still-growing science was in its most nascent stages - and has delivered major grants to oncology visionaries like Dr.
The consensus sequence is the one used by Seafood ID from ACGT, Inc.
CHICAGO -- ACGT Sdn Bhd ("ACGT") and Chromatin, Inc.
ACGT has also successfully sequenced the genome of the jatropha, a plant that produces a non-edible oil that has the potential to be used to make biodiesel, a clean burning fuel that is biodegradable and sustainable.
Prior to joining Illumina, Therrien held positions as Senior Scientist and Director of Business Development for ACGT, Inc.