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ACHEAmerican College of Healthcare Executives
ACHEAHS (American Headache Society) Committee for Headache Education
ACHEAlabama Commission on Higher Education (Montgomery, AL)
ACHEAssociation for Continuing Higher Education
ACHEAction on Child Exploitation (UK)
ACHEADR Control and Housekeeping Electronics
ACHEAdvisory Council on Hispanic Employment (Established in 1990)
ACHEAir Cooler Heat Exchanger
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Sepsis decreased the activity of serum pseudocholinesterase;[sup][6],[7] however, to the best of our knowledge, the changes of AChE activity in the NMJ during sepsis have few directly investigated to date.
The report provides a snapshot of the pipeline therapeutic landscape of Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos S/A
In response to the Standardized Nordic Questionnaire, the highest frequency was observed for lower back ache (65%) followed by neck pain (53.
They inhibit metalloproteinases (MMPs, belonging to the hydrolase enzyme family, like AChE and BuChE) and neutralize free radicals.
The effects of malathion exposure on the AChE activity in different tissues of climbing perch are presented in Table 1 to Table 4.
Body Ache Escape Massage Center was founded in 2010 by Michele Cook and Kyron Moses.
Therefore, measurement of AChE activity in the fish has been described as a method for diagnosing anticholinesterase pesticides in aquatic solutions (Archana et al.
To underscore his and Broward College's commitment, he announced that Broward College would offer a full scholarship for a deserving ACHE student to complete his or her studies at Broward College in Florida.
AChE is found in nervous system and its functions are not yet fully studied (Carlock et al.