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ACHIEVEAcademic Challenges Helping Individuals Expand Values and Education
ACHIEVEAnother Chance Initiative for Education, Vocation or Employment (New York Department of Labor)
ACHIEVEAction, Common sense, Hard work, Imagination, Energy, Vision and values, Enthusiasm
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Government could achieve only 33% targets in population control.
This surpassed a 35% reduction that state-owned buildings are required to achieve by 2010 under an Executive Order issued by former Governor George E.
We are making a shift in our strategy from trying to achieve machine repeatability to achieving polymer repeatability.
According to a city report, the Project Achieve operator decided to transition the shelter to another operator because of ``considerable financial constraints .
Video technology can help achieve a combination of the two, but technology integration is not simple and occurs inconsistently across classrooms.
These mentors can offer transition-age youth information, support, and hope derived from first-hand and personal experiences that enable them to serve as real-life examples of what people with disabilities can achieve.
Build lasting relationships and anticipate customer needs to achieve a competitive edge.
Emerging technologies, collectively characterized as sequencing-by-synthesis or sequencing-by-extension, may be able to achieve large numbers of sequence reads by extending very large numbers of different DNA templates simultaneously, but generally only for a few tens of bases as currently practiced.
For the concept of success to be useful in health promotion, therefore, it must be defined in terms relevant to each patient: it must be compatible with their current lifestyle, take into account potential capabilities and reflect what they might reasonably expect to achieve at the present time, for themselves and not for anyone else.
A strategy to achieve increased utilization and lower operational costs requires a multi-step approach to storage management that incorporates virtualization at a number of levels.
Many people believe agents cannot pro-actively achieve consistently low loss ratios.
It can be identified in those we hire, developed ha those we employ and woven into the fabric of our corporate cultures, allowing individuals to achieve extraordinary success.