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ACHOOAutosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst
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Adults and young children will appreciate the informative and entertaining Achoo!, and will look forward to future uplifting and educational stories from these talented creators.
With a flu vaccine and some healthy living, your home can be filled with pleasant holiday music rather than the sounds of cough cough, achoo!
For example, in "Achoo Cha Cha" (Figure 4), the woman downstairs in a pink mini-dress and white gloves is joined by a group of male and female backup dancers.
Readers interested in delving further into Aboriginal experiences of European invasion and presence in this region can refer to books such as Yarrtji and Moola Bulla (Achoo 1996; Peter and Lofts 1997; Barker 1993).
When they do go "achoo," they don't suffer as much as their grumpy counterparts, a new study has found.
A loud sneeze (achoo) from my husband in a room nearby inspires the computer to type aha.
"Achoo! Getting Viral with Rich Media," 2000: [URL:], accessed on September 4, 2000.
Along the way the children learn scientific concepts: a jar full of 999,999 yellow cupcake sprinkles and a single black one illustrates parts per million; an "achoo" pinball game shows how particulate matter enters lungs.
I am indebted to the many individuals and corporations who provided support to me over this time, in particular Josey Farrer, Doris Fletcher and members of Yardgee community, the Lamboo mob [especially Jack Jugari, Stan Brumby, Pattercake Imbelong, Doris Ryder, Jack Ryder, Barbara Imbelong and Jerry Woodhouse], Henry Achoo and other members of Mardiwah Loop community.
Achoo! The most interesting book you'll ever read about germs.
In one classroom, each time Sneeze said her poem, the children spontaneously hid somewhere in the classroom, giggling as they waited for Sneeze's all-clear signal to come back into the circle: "Achoo, achoo, my sneeze is through.