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ACHPAdvisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACHPAssociation of Certified Handyman Professionals (Maitland, FL)
ACHPAlliance of Community Health Plans
ACHPAssociation Contre le Harcèlement Professionnel
ACHPAtelier de Construction Hydraulique de Picardie (French: Picardy Construction Hydraulics Workshop)
ACHPAustralian Centre for Health Promotion
ACHPAlaska Craftsman Home Program, Inc.
ACHPAcademy of Correctional Health Professionals
ACHPAdult Care Home Program
ACHPArmy Chaplain
ACHPAlternative and Complementary Health Practices
ACHPAssociation of Chiron Psychotherapists
ACHPAdvisory Committee for the Health Professions
ACHPAlaska Concealed Handgun Permit
ACHPAffiliated Community Healthcare Physicians
ACHPAcademy of Health Care Professions
ACHPAnacostia Congress Heights Partnership
ACHPAir Conditioning Heat Pump
ACHPAdvisory Committee on Highway Policy
ACHPAssociation Canadienne d'Hygiène Publique
ACHPAssociation of Complimentary Health Practitioners of Zimbabwe
ACHPAccessible Customized Homes Program (Lansing, MI, USA)
ACHPAssociation Canadienne des Hôpitaux Pédiatriques
ACHPAtlantic Canada Home Program
ACHPActionari si Comenzi Hidraulice si Pneumaice
ACHPAssociation of Certified Hiring Professionals
ACHPAlice County Highway Patrol
ACHPAfrican Cultural Heritage Project
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* Through their ACHP program, their community health workers go door-to-door in Ibrahim Haidri, an Aman adopted area due to it being one of the poorest communities in Karachi with an average income support between PKR 6000-12,000 per month.
Computer identified the NT in 1 (6.7%) eyes and AchP in 14 (93.3%) eyes.
Beyond the SHPOs/THPOs, ACHP is entitled to consult on all undertakings at its discretion.
Later, in February 2015, when Sylvia Mathews Burwell was the HHS secretary, HHS told insurers in the introduction to an ACA regulation that, "HHS recognizes that the Affordable Care Act requires the secretary to make full payments to issuers," the ACHP says.
Symbol Definition ALDPD Average latency of data packet delivery ACDPD Average processing cost of data packet delivery ALAP Average latency of initial attachment procedure CAP Processing cost of initial attachment procedure ALHP Average latency of handover procedure ACHP Average processing cost of handover procedure LR Load of routers LNL Load of network links CM[L.sub.(N)] Control messages load (number) CM[L.sub.(KBs)] Control messages load (size) TABLE 5: Input parameters (assumptions).
Datasheets on the HVAC system component, were obtained from the manufacturers for use in the development of the ACHP model.
"These measures were chosen for several reasons," they wrote in a report released by ACHP. "First, read-missions and preventable hospitalizations are expensive for the Medicare program.
(7) Easy Access Panel: Designed for maximum serviceability, while protecting ACHP components from all weather conditions
Coast Guard (USCG) Emergency ManuaLs (Ports and Waterways Safety Act) Section 106 of the National Advisory Council on Historic Historic Preservation Act Preservation (ACHP)
* The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), an independent federal agency that advises the president and Congress on preservation matters and comments on the actions of federal agencies that affect historic properties.
-- Apex-Carex Healthcare Products (ACHP) has purchased the Bed Buddy product line from Ichauway Mills Inc.
(79) Additionally, federal agencies must afford the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) a reasonable opportunity to comment on such undertakings (80)