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AChRAcetylcholine Receptor
ACHRAsian Centre for Human Rights
ACHRAmerican Convention on Human Rights (Organization of American States)
ACHRAsian Coalition for Housing Rights (Nepal)
ACHRAdvisory Committee on Health Research
ACHRAlabama Council on Human Relations (Auburn, Alabama)
ACHRAlbanian Center for Human Rights
ACHRAnte Christum
ACHRAdjacent Cell Hit Ratio
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The ACHR also hailed Bahrain's human rights achievements and efforts to develop legislative and administrative system to reinforce and preserve human rights, lauding Bahrain's accession to many international charters on human rights, reported the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication.
Daguerre concluded by pointing out that after only two days of arriving in Syria, Dagher sent a letter to the ACHR promoting his observations and evaluation of the mission's role, with his writing contradicting his statements, and asked the ACHR's opinion regarding the possibility of discontinuing his work as an observer in the mission.
The heterogeneous nature of the ACHR antibody response has led to the categorization of ACHR antibodies into 3 types: binding, blocking, and modulating.
The ACHR has been pushing for years for the detainees to have access to lawyers, Gul said, adding their detention without access to courts, defense lawyers or family members was against Afghan and international laws.
On June 8, 2004, Osborne sold his business to ACHR SUB LLC, which the lawsuit described as a wholly owned subsidiary of Stephens Capital Partners LLC and Stephens Holding Co.
10) The same conclusion can be reached based on the derogation provisions of several human rights treaties, including the ACHR, which explicitly states that certain rights may be derogated from during times of war).
Finally, both the ICCPR and the ACHR provide additional bases of international conventions ratified by Mexico, which according to petitioners, forbid sex-based discrimination.
The latter, applying article 21 of the ACHR (guaranteeing the right of property), which it read in conjunction with the Constitution of Nicaragua (recognizing the right of indigenous peoples to maintain their communal forms of land ownership, use and enjoyment), as well as Nicaraguan domestic legislation (requiring the demarcation of indigenous territories), wrote:
paragraphs] 23-25 (1986) (interpreting ACHR article 30 in light of the