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He said the facilities of travel are just not there in the vast expanses of this desert, so are the facilities of education and healthcare.Clean drinking water is still a dream.Contaminated water is spreading serious diseases.Achro Thar is spread over hundreds of thousands of acres, but there is not even a single hospital.Only one working dispensary is there is this vast area.Haleem Adil said for three years Achro Thar has not gotten good rains and it is hardly hit by a crippling drought.The only source of livelihood for the residents of Achro Thar, livestock, is dying due to lack of water and fodder.The government of Sindh has failed to come for rescue of these drought-hit people.
The wheat sent for Thar is going to influential political people.It is just sad that after Tharparkar, now Achro Thar is witnessing diseases, hunger and death.He said the water of dug wells in this area has also turned poisonous.In Tarr Thor-Raho villagers are critically malnourished and ill due to this contaminated water.Haleem Adil warned if the government of Sindh did not open its eyes now, soon a big human tragedy could hit the region of Achro Thar.He said he would submit a report about his visit to Achro Thar to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and soon health cards would be issued to people of this area.He said he will also raise a strong voice over Achro Thar situation in the Sindh Assembly.
The meeting also directed the deputy commissioners of Sanghar, Jamshoro and Dadu districts to submit report about the conditions in Achro Thar, Kohistan and Kachho.
In March this year, Pakistan Peoples Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari inaugurated a Rs3 billion water supply scheme for Achro Thar.
Addressing the Party workers and notables of Sanghar after the inaugural, the PPP Chairman said, 'I have just inaugurated a 240 kilometers long pipeline to provide drinking water to the thirsty masses of the backward area Achro Thar of Sanghar who had been praying for rain since centuries to quench their thirst.'
He said that for him there could be no better moment of happiness today that from now on my people in Achro Thar won't remain thirsty.
The Sindh government scheme for Achro Thar providing water from Lower Nara Canal RD 455 to Tarr Hashim via Jesro has been operative for three years.
The project will provide drinking water from Nara Canal to 85 villages of Achro Thar in Sanghar District.
PML-F's Saeed Khan Nizamani demanded the provincial government to establish a unit of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) at the Civil Hospital Sanghar to benefit the people of Sanghar, Achro Thar, Khipro and other areas.