ACHSEAustralian College of Health Service Executives
ACHSEAllianz Chronisch Seltener Erkrankungen eV
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The source data of road objects were not structured, as the module ACHSE requires.
Program Function DCB Data conversion between IKG and DXF formats DBCNV Data conversion between Digplot and IKG Database, invoked by command line BUHOM Line cleaning and geometric improvement of area data (building data) BUSEL Separation of the entire building data into generalization districts SSB Structural improvement of the road data for the creation of centerlines with ACHSE FDP-Inspektor Statistical investigation of area data--it also delivers histograms for sides and areas DIREKTOR Automation of building generalization Table 2.
Milestones in senior female appointments Year Event 1905 First female surgeon 1990s First female Area Health Service CEO (NSW) 1990s First female CEO, in the church and charitable sector 2002 First female Director General of Health (NSW) First female Deputy Director General (Queensland) 2002 First female President Australian College of Health Service Executives 2002 First female recipient of ACHSE Gold Medal 2003 First Dietitian held Chair of Nutrition and Dietetics Table 2.