ACHVAir Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation
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Furthermore, as opposed to [4], we show the advantage of the MtQS-DSrdv protocol against the related workboth in SCHv and/or ACHv in terms of (M)TTR metric and the probability of RDVs on different channels in one hopping sequence period.
The latter case refers to the case where unavailable channels are also visited, but only for spectrum sensing (this is a frequently used approach while dealing with ACHv in the related work [13, 26, 30]).
We analyze the ACHv case with maximum 8 available channels, using channel maps from Figure 5.
While analyzing the ACHv case one should consider whether it is better to use a map with a larger period or to use a map with available channels only.
If we take a mean of RDV occurrence in a period for each channel, we obtain 1.8 with [Map.sup.4Chs] (SCHv) and 2.3 with the combination of maps (ACHv).
In ACHv A - B denotes combinations of maps of node A with node B, where the number of channels of node A is smaller than the number of channels of node B, as defined before.
For ACHv the situation is naturally different than that for SCHv (Table 1) due to different period sizes of the compared channel sets.
8 channels diminishes the chance of the protocol to be adaptable in ACHv, which was dismissed in this work.
We also compare A-ETCH in ACHv, using the order of maps as in [S.sub.0] and (i.e., i = 0,1 in Algorithm 2 from [31]) in Table 6.
In ACHv there is a need for a kind of avoidance of the selection of the same sequence in order to improve TTR statistics.
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