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ACIAAgence Canadienne d'Inspection des Aliments (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
ACIAArctic Climate Impact Assessment
ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIAArgus Center for Information Architecture (Argus Associates)
ACIAAmerican Construction Inspectors Association
ACIAAfrica Centre for Investment Analysis
ACIAAssociacio Catalana d'Intelligencia Artificial
ACIAAutomated Calibration Internal Analysis system
ACIAAssociation des Cadres Infirmiers d'Aquitaine
ACIAArctic Climate Impact Association
ACIAAviation Career Incentive Act of 1974
ACIAAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
ACIAAma City International Association (Aichi, Japan)
ACIAAssociation des Cadres Infirmiers Angevins
ACIAAssociation of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK)
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Part II of the book aims to set the ACIA in its historical context historical, as well as providing background on the complex national and intra-ASEAN regulatory and legal issues relating to investment.
Another possible definition is that used by the ACIA: "The Arctic is a single, highly integrated system comprised of a deep, ice covered, and nearly isolated ocean surrounded by the land masses of Eurasia and North America, except for breaches at the Bering Strait and in the North Atlantic." Huntington & Weller et al., supra note 1, at 10.
For T-cell ([CD3.sup.+], [CD8.sup.+]) staining, the computerized image analysis technique could not be applied because the numbers of cells in the total tissue section were very small, so ACIA scores were very low.
There are claims all over the Internet and other outlets that acia out-anti-oxidizes all of its purple cousins.
The Council is also a primary tool for data collection and analysis, having recently published the Arctic climate impact assessment' (ACIA), in which over 300 scientists participated.
As omega-3 fatty acias per se have been shown in some studies to reduce cardiac arrhythmias ana suaaen caraiac deaths (Calaer, 2004), Yuen ana Sanaer (2004) proposed the interesting hypothesis that omega-3 fatty acia supplementation in patients with refractory seizures may not only reduce seizures but also reduce caraiac arrhythmias ana hence SUDEP.
Wax Lyrical's candle fragrances include White Tea, Acia and Fig, Lychee and Pomegranate, and Goji and Raspberry.
(1) According to the Arctic Council's 2004 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA), (2) during the twenty-first century, under a moderate emissions scenario, average annual temperatures in Alaska and western Canada are expected to rise by 3-5[degrees]C (5-9[degrees]F) over land and up to 7[degrees]C (13[degrees]F) over the oceans.
HERE'S a good reason to ignore the mountains of spam or online ads for alleged slimming fad acacia berry, sometimes called the acai or acia berry.
Leo DiCaprio plays aCIA agent, blending in thanks to his language skills and cultural awareness, while Russell Crowe is his blundering, chubby but terrifyingly uncaring handler back in the office.
TAKEN ACIA agent tries to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped.
aae OaiN Iaia CINC[sz]C[eth] aaa CaION Uai IiCEa C[ETH]C aCIa OICa IOia.