ACIARAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research
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The official signing ceremony took place at the SPC campus in Narere on 12 March, 2018 with SPCs Deputy Director General, Dr Audrey Aumua and the ACIAR Chief Executive Officer, Professor Andrew Campbell.
Responding to a question, the Australian High Commissioner Margret informed that ACIAR was focusing on research and training activities and trainers will come to Pakistan to enhance capacity buildings of the Agriculture Sector.
India is looking to improve food security and reduce rural poverty through increased crop production, and I am pleased that Australia, through ACIAR, is in a position to assist," Varghese said.
By carefully crafting cooperative research projects involving developing country partners and which are specific to the cultural, social and economic farming needs of the developing country, ACIAR delivers positive outcomes on how to farm better.
The delegation, headed by ACIAR Research Program Manager Land and Water Resources included Dr.
ACIAR hopes to prevent the fallout from this devastating drought from worsening by making the VIA system available to more farmers.
The ACIAR charter is to commission research between Australia and developing countries through collaborative research projects that would not only lead to more productive and sustainable agriculture, but also benefit a newly developed professional degree awarding institute like MNSUA.
The way that Australian scientists have been able to partner with the University of the Philippines and their expert marine scientists is typical of so much of the work ACIAR is involved in.
Through ACIAR, Australia is supporting communities to sustainably manage native forests, grow trees and enhance the Papua New Guinean forestry sector.
Building this capacity is considered to bring benefits to current and future NARI projects broadly, and to create a skilled resource pool of both app builders and enumerators that could be utilised in future ACIAR projects.
Description : At-Scale Evaluation of Digital Data Collection Apps (DDCAs) in ACIAR projects - Mobile Acquired Data phase 2 (MAD 2)