ACIBAustralian Centre for International Business (New South Wales, Australia)
ACIBAssociate of the Corporation of Insurance Brokers
ACIBAir Characteristics Improvement Board
ACIBAir Cushion Icebreaker (ship bow)
ACIBAustrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology (Graz, Austria)
ACIBAssociate of Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK)
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Eric Downey, a research associate with ACIB, says, "Japanese demand is down tremendously, back to '85 levels.
But ACIB publishes state-of-exit figures, while OIT uses state-of-origin figures.
The main difference in the two sets of numbers is that ACIB counts goods manufactured in the Lower 48 and being shipped through Alaska's airports, primarily Anchorage International Airport, as Alaska exports, while OIT does not.
Bill Aberle, coordinator for the Information Services Program operated by ACIB, admits that state-of-exit figures tend to overcount exports from coastal states.
Oracle, the powerful software system that guides the ACIB database, taps dynamic and current information that enables users who have IBM, MacIntosh and Unix systems to interface and retrieve information from a wide variety of sources.
The ACIB database focuses on Alaskan interests - petroleum, marine products, forest products, coal and minerals.
For example, Alaska Antler Products, another World Trade Center Alaska member, can analyze ACIB database information to help determine asking prices and current market penetration for its reindeer antlers, a highly sought ingredient for Asian traditional medicines.
World Trade Center Alaska members with computers in their offices and their homes can use modems to gain direct access to the ACIB database.
A new cleaning method developed at ACIB combines five purification steps and leads to an extremely facilitated, more economical and ecological manufacturing process.
The new process was developed within a cooperation of ACIB and Boehringer Ingelheim RCV.
The new ACIB system works differently: Scientists prepare charged microparticles based on the ion exchange principle with a size of one to two microns.