ACICArkansas Crime Information Center
ACICAeronautical Chart and Information Center (military aviation support organization)
ACICAssociation of California Insurance Companies (Sacramento, CA)
ACICArmy Counterintelligence Center
ACiCAnglican Coalition in Canada
ACICAgricultural Conservation Innovation Center
ACICArizona Crime Information Center
ACICAcademic and Career Information Center
ACICAnglican Church International Communion
ACICAeronautical Chart & Information Center
ACICAll Canadian Investment Corporation
ACICAutomated Combat Information System
ACICAerospace Defense Command Current Intelligence Center
ACICAmerican Collegiate Intramural Championships (Campus Concepts)
ACICAutomated Combat Intelligence Center
ACICAutomatic Combat Intelligence Center
ACICArmoured Control & Instrument Cable
ACICAutomatic Computation for Information and Control (Mons, Belgium)
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ACIC is a stock company licensed in 23 states, with revenue derived from 12 states.
The under review status also contemplated the pending sale of the company to ACIC and the rating consequences that would have occurred if the transaction was not consummated.
HPIC), formerly ACIC's affiliate, was merged into ACIC, increasing ACIC's invested assets, statutory capital, and surplus by $27 million.
Finally, for ACIC, Standard & Poor's expects growth in net premiums written of 1%-3% and returns on revenue of 2%-4%.
We are excited to bring the A- rating to RTW and its subsidiaries ACIC and BCIC and believe the rating will add further velocity to RTW's already strong operations.
Bogan received his BSc from Simon Fraser University and continued there with a PhD thesis, "Wall-less Sample Preparation Strategies for Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-MS) of Biomolecules," under the supervision of George Agnes, ACIC.
ACIC writes workers' compensation insurance for employers primarily in Minnesota, Colorado and Michigan, but is growing in new markets including Florida, Texas, Kansas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Iowa.
Gillian Goward, ACIC, was awarded the CSC Faculty Advisor Award at the Student Chapter Meeting and Chemical Education Awards Reception in London, ON, on May 30, 2004.
Interest coverage measures have weakened, primarily due to the heavy expense load associated with the ACIC and GCSC operating subsidiaries in conjunction with a significant reduction in premium income at GCSC.
The Universite Laval's Mosto Bousmina, ACIC, was among six university professors to be awarded the 2004 NSERC Steacie Fellowship.
Table 2 shows the correlation between the ACIC scores and our implementation depth ratings for each of the six major CCM elements as well as for the aggregated CCM characterization as a whole.
The ACIC is the Army Service-level counterintelligence (CI) production center and responds to both scheduled production, managed under the Department of Defense Intelligence Production Program (DODIPP), and ad hoc requests.