ACICAAustralian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration
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The Director of ACICA, INSCOM G-2X, and the Chief of the CI Division, Army G-2X, considered it imperative that the program in no way impede, obstruct, or hinder an officer's career progression or professional military education timelines.
Australia, through ACICA and its premier hearing facility, the Australian International Disputes Centre, is well placed to meet the growing demand for first rate, cost effective arbitration services."
See Albert Monichino, 'The Temporal Operation of the New Section 21--Beware of the Black Hole, The ACICA News (December 2012) ACICA, 25 <>.
The former cited view is from the current President of ACICA (perhaps understandably, given its role in promoting Australia as an arbitral venue).
If the parties have not expressly designated UPICC or any other substantive law system to govern their underlying dispute but have selected Arbitration Rules like those of the Australian Centre for International Arbitration Arbitration (ACICA)--either its generic or Expedited Arbitration Rules--then the arbitrators way also apply UPICC (not just a national law) as the governing law.
It is best to remove uncertainty by clarifying the point in the contract itself or via rules, such as Art 2.1 of the Expedited Arbitration Rules of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA): see Jonathan DeBoos et al' ACICA's Expedited Arbitration Rules' in Luke Nottage and Richard Garnett (eds) International Arbitration in Australia (Federation Press, 2010) 103, 114-15 (Part III.K).