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ACIDSAmerican College of Integrated Delivery Systems
ACIDSAir Conformal Ice Detection System (aircraft)
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The Countess may recoil from handling the acids and watching the process of cremation; but she can surely sprinkle a little disinfecting powder--'
The accidental breaking of his jar of acid has burnt the Baron's hands severely.
Doctor Cacaphodel, the alchemist, returned to his laboratory with a prodigious fragment of granite, which he ground to powder, dissolved in acids, melted in the crucible, and burned with the blow-pipe, and published the result of his experiments in one of the heaviest folios of the day.
Would he obtain air by chemical means, in getting by heat the oxygen contained in chlorate of potash, and in absorbing carbonic acid by caustic potash?
Let a man so much as scrape his finger pushing a truck in the pickle rooms, and he might have a sore that would put him out of the world; all the joints in his fingers might be eaten by the acid, one by one.
There was blood, I saw, in the sink,--brown, and some scarlet--and I smelt the peculiar smell of carbolic acid. Then through an open doorway beyond, in the dim light of the shadow, I saw something bound painfully upon a framework, scarred, red, and bandaged; and then blotting this out appeared the face of old Moreau, white and terrible.
Professor Summerlee gave an acid smile as he picked up the envelope in his gaunt hand.
I am afraid there is some acid upon that too, and it is rather damp and torn.
[ClickPress, Thu Jun 20 2019] Among the several regions, Asia Pacific can be considered with the highest production and consumption of trans fatty acids. Countries such as China, India and Malaysia are expected to cover most of the market share for trans fatty acids.
Of the examined fatty acids, stearic acid was found in the lowest quantity in sunflower oil (Figure 3).
Of course, even though you may not be aware, we have all seen evidence of the impact of proteins and amino acids on fluid and electrolyte metabolism.