ACIJAustralian Centre for Independent Journalism
ACIJArbitration Court of International Justice (UN)
ACIJAssistant Chief Immigration Judge (US DOJ)
ACIJAfrican Caribbean Institute of Jamaica
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Directed at Gulf South Rising and activists participating in the Southern Movement Assembly, the statement read, "While you gather in New Orleans, ACIJ and hundreds of grassroots immigrant rights activists will be gathered in Hampton, Georgia, at the 2015 SEIRN conference to build a deeper understanding of institutional racism, and white supremacy, strategizing on how to dismantle it in our local communities and institutions and actively work to build solidarity between the immigrant rights movement and the #BlackLivesMatter movement." (117)
(listing ACIJ assignments) with EOIR, supra note 26 (listing immigration judges by court).
(139.) See TRANSACTIONAL RECORDS ACCESS CLEARINGHOUSE, IMMIGRATION COURTS: STILL A TROUBLED INSTITUTION (2009), immigration/reports/210/(detailing Government Accountability Office criticism of the attorney general's ACIJ "[p]ilot [p]rogram [t]o [d]eploy [s]upervisors to [r]egional [o]ffices").
The immigration courts currently have eight Assistant Chief IJs (ACIJs) who are each responsible for between four and eleven immigration courts, usually on a rough geographic basis.
Instead of more ACIJs, though, the DO J, the EOIR, and the immigration courts should consider the conventional third branch approach of a chief judge for every multijudge court, or at least for all immigration courts with three or more judges.
As much as small numbers and geographic remoteness may limit the ACIJs' effectiveness (and I have no knowledge of their effectiveness), there may also be limitations stemming from what appears to be the job description.
The emphasis on ACIJs as supervisors and discipliners reflects the well-publicized concern over abusive and intemperate behavior by some IJs--those Professor Legomsky calls the "bad apples." (140) Part of any chief judge's job is dealing with judicial misconduct--by looking for its causes and seeking individual remedies, from counseling to public reprimands to reporting the judge to a disciplinary body.
Meanwhile, Nasser Amin, head of the Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and Legal profession (ACIJ), said that he resumed the activities of the center from "across the street" since he refused to reopen the center's headquarters Sunday after the red wax seal was removed.
Armed special forces along with police officers and prosecutors raided the offices of the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Freedom House, all Washington-based organizations, as well as Germany's Konrad Adenauer foundation and 13 Egyptian NGOs including the Egyptian Arab Center for the Independence of Judiciary (ACIJ) and Budgetary and Human Rights Observatory (BHRO).
Nasser Amin, head of the ACIJ, stressed that the organization would work with or without offices and even if its members were behind bars.
The official news agency MENA said the offices of 17 NGOs were raided but only five could be confirmed by press time: the Egyptian Arab Center for the Independence of Judiciary (ACIJ) and Budgetary and Human Rights Observatory (BHRO), the foreign International Republican Institution (IRI), National Democratic Institution (NDI) and Freedom House.
Head of ACIJ and member of the National Council of Human Rights Nasser Amin recounted a similar story.