ACIJLPArab Center for Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession
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ACIJLP said in their report that the judiciary must not be compromised, and that its members should be allowed to structure their own organisation "within the scope of freedom of assembly and free speech" according to international standards adopted by the United Nations.
The report mentions several infractions over the past year, which ACIJLP says amount to "the worst attack on the judiciary in 60 years," adding that the current attempt at judicial reform by the government is "an attempt to control the judicial institution, not repair it".
To right such wrongs ACIJLP recommends steps be taken to repeal and amend all articles in the constitution dealing with judicial affairs.
ACIJLP says in a press statement that Heteitah was executed "despite the fact that the relatives of the victim agreed to receive blood money [in place of Heteitah being executed] under the Libyan Law on Conciliation and Bloody Money.
ACIJLP says that there was "unprecedented" interference by the executive authority -- represented by the Minister of Justice -- in judicial affairs during the monitoring period.