ACILAmerican Council of Independent Laboratories
ACILAteneo Catechetical Instruction League (Xavier University, Ohio)
ACILAtlas Copco India Ltd. (Atlas Copco Group)
ACILAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (United Kingdom)
ACILAl-Murtaza Cotton Industries (Pvt.) Limited (Pakistan)
ACILAustralian Consultants International Limited
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ACIL Allen is the independent modeller for the Queensland Competition Authority on electricity price determinations and was commissioned by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to review the national Renewable Energy Target in 2013-14.
The rater also said that if the GoI fails to meet timely obligation on invocation of guarantee or change its policy that provides protection to ACIL from its creditors in case of insolvency, a negative rating review will be initiated.
ACIL is applying to the Ministry of Natural Resources for a new water lease of 2.
We haul in sand and salt with the permission of the Ministry of Natural Resources," said Mac Sinclair, the Sudbury lawyer of ACIL.
We are concerned that the proposed development could have an impact on our ceremonial grounds," Paibomsai told ACIL and Ministry of Natural Resources representatives.
The proposed ACIL building will be visible from Dreamer's Rock.
The second annual Seal of Excellence Awards were presented at the ACIL Annual Meeting in San Francisco on October 4, 1998.
operations Technical service: Full ACIL test facility; custom R&D contracting; specializing in recycled polymer applications research (tires, etc.
In 2014, CSIRO commissioned an independent assessment of the economic, social and environmental impact and value of the Cotton Breeding Australia joint venture by ACIL Allen.
Prior to his tenure as a senior economist at the consulting firm ACIL Tasman, he was chief economist at the Australian Mining Industry Council.
Greg joins CRA from ACIL Tasman, where he had been a senior economist since 1988.
CCL is also accredited by AUSTEL and OSHA and are members of TIA, ACIL, ANSI, IAEI, IEEE, CCT, and TAPAC.