ACINAsociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Norte del Cauca (Spanish: Association of Northern Cauca Indigenous)
ACINAutomation and Control Institute (Vienna University of Technology; Vienna, Austria)
ACINInstitut für Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik (English: Automation and Control Institute, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
ACINAll County Information Notices (information sharing documents; various agencies; California)
ACINAnal Canal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
ACINApplied Communications and Information Networking Technologies Program
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[40.] ACNCT, AMCI, ACMI, ACIN. Guia de practica clinica: recomendaciones para el diagnostico, tratamiento y prevencion de la neumonia adquirida en la comunidad en adultos inmunocompetentes.
The endocrine portion consisted of the pancreas islets, which were comprised of round or oval cell clusters that were formed by a large number of islet cells irregularly interspersed between the exocrine acin. The islet cells were arranged in clusters, light in color, round or oval with a round nucleus located in the center of the cell.
'By the 1980s, more than 350 villages stood empty, the majority of them located in the hills and mountains of Huesca province,' says historian Jose Luis Acin Fanlo, who is considered the foremost authority on the subject.
Despite his success, Tomeo never won any of Spain's national awards for literature and he is remembered as a marginalized writer who received loving but dubious distinctions like "el raro mas raro de la literatura espanola contemporanea" (Cabre 8), "uno de los casos mas insolitos" in the Spanish literary panorama (Acin, "Javier Tomeo" 15), and one of the figures "mas al margen de la parafernalia del mundo cultural" (Vails 93).
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