ACINAsociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Norte del Cauca (Spanish: Association of Northern Cauca Indigenous)
ACINAutomation and Control Institute (Vienna University of Technology; Vienna, Austria)
ACINInstitut für Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik (English: Automation and Control Institute, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
ACINAll County Information Notices (information sharing documents; various agencies; California)
ACINAnal Canal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
ACINApplied Communications and Information Networking Technologies Program
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Selection of ACIN tasks is negotiated by Army and ACIN program managers.
In the first year of ACIN, Sarnoff engineers used commercial-off-the-shelf components to build a Ka-band satellite receiver for less than $500.
Successful ACIN demonstrations may justify follow-on investments that transition technologies to production.
At the end of each phase of the ACIN project, if the PM determines that the equipment fills a "hole" in the Future Combat Systems or other Army programs, says Bojarski, it is transitioned to the appropriate user.
Last February, ACIN engineers used commercial Bluetooth wireless network protocols to build an ad-hoc network of 50 prototype sensors distributed throughout the Sarnoff Corp.
ACIN Phase III calls for outdoor network demonstrations, with an eye to the Future Combat System unattended ground sensor requirement.
ACIN researchers provided seven light-weight, battery-powered nodes: two flown on rotary-wing UAV's and five deployed on the ground.
ACIN Phase III also examines the potential of COTS technology in other promising areas, such as ultra wideband communications.
ACIN Phase III calls for the demonstration of amplifiers, mixers and oscillators, and for production manufacturing designs.
ACIN engineers are looking to demonstrate low-cost consumer components in subsystems that meet JTRS requirements.
Drexel University performs ACIN simulation studies and other research and development tasks.